lake county fairgrounds

Lake County Fairgrounds

1060 East Peterson Road

Grayslake, Illinois      60030




Home of the Lake County Fair & Year-Round Events


About us

Our History

The Lake County Fairgrounds, operated by the Lake County Fair Association, is the home of the historic Lake County Fair and other quality year-round events.


The Lake County Fair Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Fair Association manages and produces the annual Fair and manages the daily operations of the Fairgrounds. The Association is self-supporting and does not fall under the auspices of any county or state governmental body. The Association consists of annual members, including an Executive Board and Fair Board. Executive Board member are appointed and the Fair Board is elected annually by and from the Association. Surplus revenues generated by the Fair and other activities are re-invested into the annual fair and maintenance and development of the facility.  Click here to learn more about our membership program.

The rich history of the Lake County Fair dates back over 150 years. Its traditions and community involvement have made memories and great moments for visitors, year after year, generation after generation. The first Lake County Fair was hosted by the Lake County Agricultural Society in 1851 in Antioch. In the years since, the fair has adopted a variety of names and has been hosted in townships throughout the county, including Waukegan, Gurnee, Libertyville and Wauconda. In 1954 the Fair settled down in Grayslake at the corner of Highways 45 & 120.  In 2008 the Lake County Fair Association (LCFA) purchased the new fairgrounds property in Grayslake and relocated to the corner of Peterson & Midlothian Roads.


In 1928 the official “Lake County Fair Association” was formed and in the following years they added various livestock shows and exhibits.  The Fair’s original charter drafted in 1938 declared it an educational organization and in 1940 it was revised and branded it as a “county fair”. It was then and still remains an agricultural fair, but over time many new exhibits, attractions and events have been added to educate and enrich the Lake County community.  Exhibits that feature livestock, arts & crafts, industrial & agriculture innovation, homemaking, and culinary arts educate and entertain Fair visitors year after year. In addition, The Miss Lake County Fair Queen, truck & tractor pulls, live entertainment and a fun filled carnival make for a great family experience. Come make new history and memories with us as our history extends into  the future.



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